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The Green Crayon Strategy

My boss once asked me to take on a project that felt impossible. It was a specialized project with a huge scope. I didn’t have the right internal staff to do it & the timeframe was incredibly tight. As I struggled to explain the challenge, I described how I felt I was being asked to color a page green but given only a yellow and blue crayon. 

Of course, I could make green with those two colors, but it would take twice the time and look terrible. Wasted time equals money & forsakes the sanity of my team. I wanted a green crayon. Have you ever felt like that? You need to grow your business yet the resources in your team don’t match. Everyone is running full steam ahead with little time to bring on something new. The project was successful, but not without expense to our team, and the analogy stayed with me well after leaving the position.

That’s where Creative Coalition comes in. Marketing has a lot of pieces. Each can be tackled individually but the result can be messy and take longer than it should. We like to think we can take those pieces off your hands and create a holistic result quickly & efficiently with a team specialized for you.

– April Maglothin, Principal & Creative Director

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Discovery Call

We always start out with a casual call with one of our Creative Directors to determine what kind of services you'll need. We also love to talk through your goals & expectations to make sure we're the right fit.

Build your team

We primarily work on retainer but understand sometimes you just need a few solo projects. No matter whether it's design-only or a larger campaign with writers & photographers, your team will be strategic and targeted.

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Digital & Print Design


Intel is a global giant with dynamic branding. When they needed someone to help drive engagement materials for their Health For Life Centers, we were honored to work together to create a wide range of print & digital collateral. Going on four years now, Creative Coalition has provided email campaign design, posters, flyers & digital graphics to increase employee engagement.

email campaign design, print collateral, digital graphics

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Exhibit Design


When the Whitney Museum of American Art curated a collection for the Frist, they needed to hire a guest designer to help brand and market the exhibition. Creative Coalition was honored to be chosen. It’s not every day you get to work with the estate of legendary artist Man Ray to design environmental graphics for an exhibition.

exhibit logo, environmental graphics, promotional materials, exhibit guides

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Campaign Design

Disney Center for Living Well

Disney’s Center for Living Well needed an awareness campaign to drive engagement for their employees. Creative Coalition created an expansive campaign consisting of marketing materials for Disney employees, Cast Members and covered family members enrolled in a Disney-sponsored medical plan option through Premise Health’s onsite centers.

digital graphics, print collateral, environmental graphics, email campaign design

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Digital Design


eHealthScreenings was acquired by Premise Health and went through a brand integration & refresh of all web & collateral. Creative Coalition redesigned their website, member portal & sales print collateral to integrate with Premise Health branding.

digital design, web design, portal design, print collateral

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Mere Bulles

Mere Bulles restaurant has been serving Nashville, TN since 1985. When they were ready for a brand refresh, Creative Coalition worked to design a brand indicative of it’s history & mixture of French & southern American roots. Working alongside interior stylist Taylor Colson Horton, we collaborated to create a refreshed but authentic brand.

logo design, menu design, website, restaurant interior concept & moodboards

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As the largest provider of Electronic Health Records for the behavioral health and human services market, Qualifacts has a myriad of marketing needs. Over more than 6 years, our work for Qualifacts ranged across digital marketing graphics, white papers, PowerPoint decks, conference materials, and tradeshow design and has helped this quickly growing company spread the word about its innovative products, which assist over 50,000 behavioral healthcare providers with improved billing and clinical operations, increased agency revenue, faster payment, and better client and staff satisfaction. 

digital marketing, environmental design, sales collateral, google advertising, healthcare technology, white papers, webinar & presentation design

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