April Maglothin

Principal + Creative Director

Located in:

Nashville, TN& San Diego, CA

As Creative Coalition, we form an alliance dedicated to helping our clients elevate their brand through marketing and design. We believe in using holistic thinking, our individual strengths and a spirit of collaborative fun. We believe in considering both the big picture and the minutia. Our team is fun, courageous, reliable and witty. We wake up excited to go to work each day because we develop such rich connections with our team and our clients that they feel like family. We are passionate about helping one another and our communities because we believe that we are better together.

Why "Coalition" Matters

Coalition comes from the Latin word coalitiō, which means, “to grow together.” To us, that statement is the crux of what we do: by connecting creatives and promoting our diverse backgrounds and strengths, we help our clients and each other grow together.

Our Goal

To elevate your brand through marketing and design using holistic thinking and collaboration.

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